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beastmaster wallpaperBeastmaster - a hero with the melee type of attack, the main characteristic of which is the strength of the force. Alternative name: Karroch.

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The first ability, Wild Axes, Beastmaster throws his ax, and they cut down trees and opponents heads on your way and come back. Each ax touches one enemy only once.

The second ability, Call of the Wild Hawk, allows you to call watchful hawk, watching the battlefield. With 3 levels of the hawk it becomes invisible if you do not move over time.

The third ability, Call of the Wild Boar, allows you to call upon the mighty boar, capable of spitting venom at enemies, slowing their movement and attack speed. Passive, Inner Beast t, releases the power of anger allies, increasing the speed of their attacks.

Ultimate capacity, Primal Roar, Beastmaster emits a deafening roar that stuns the target and spreads all between the Beastmaster and purpose. All beings on the way to the goal and take damage, and their attack speed and movement is reduced. Improving with Aghanim's Scepter reduces cooldown and increases the range of applications.

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