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Centaur WarrunnerCentaur Warrunner - a hero with the melee type of attack, the main characteristic of which is the strength of the force. Alternate name - Bradwarden

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Hoof Stomp icon.png His first ability, Hoof Stomp, shakes the ground, stunning nearby enemy units and damaging them.

Double Edge icon.png The second ability, Double Edge, deals a devastating blow, dealing damage to himself, sacrifice, and all in a small radius of it.

Return (Centaur Warrunner) icon.png Passive, Return, causing the attacker Centaur Warrunner enemy damage as a percentage of its power.

Stampede icon.png Ultimate capacity, Stampede icon.png Stampede, introduces Centaur Warrunner and all of its allies in the fierce attack, allowing them to pass through the enemy at maximum speed, while stopping them. Damage depends on the strength Centaur Warrunner. Every enemy can get damage from this ability only once. Improving with Aghanim's Scepter reduces damage by the action of the Stampede, and also makes it possible to pass through obstacles, including trees and benches.

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