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Chaos KnightChaos Knight - a hero with the near type of attack, the main characteristic of which is the strength of the force.

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Chaos Bolt icon.png His first ability, Chaos Bolt, releasing a mysterious charge of energy in the said enemy. The charge stuns the target for a random time and causes occasional damage.

Reality Rift icon.png The second ability, Reality Rift, teleports the hero all his illusions and the purpose of a random point between the Chaos Knight and the enemy. It gives you a damage bonus for one attack.

Chaos Strike icon.png Passive, Chaos Strike, provides a chance to deal critical damage, and reduce the enemy's armor when attacking.

Phantasm icon.png Ultimate capacity, Phantasm, encourages a few copies of the Chaos Knight parallel measurements. There is a chance of 50% that one additional copy appears. Illusions cause full damage, but get double.

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