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ClockwerkClockwerk - a hero with the strength characteristics of the type of short-range attacks. Clockwerk known as one of the most versatile ganker-initiators in the game. A wide range of detoxifying abilities allows Clockwerk wreak havoc among the enemy and break their formation, giving his team a big advantage in any battle. Alternate name: Rattletrap

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His first ability, Battery Assault, is fired high-powered shrapnel at random nearby units, inflicting minor magic damage and briefly stun.

The second ability, Power Cogs, creates a barrier of charged gear around Clockwerk, capturing the trapped all nearby units. Enemies outside the trap, trying to touch the gears will be thrown back, losing health and mana. Dented gears are switched off. Enemies can destroy the gear itself Clockwerk it takes one hit.

The third ability, Rocket Flare, character produces flare to any point on the map. Rocket explodes in this area, dealing damage to enemies, and giving an overview of the zone.

Ultimate capacity, Hookshot, starts the capture in the specified direction. If the hook gets into a living being, Clockwerk launches himself at a target, stunning it and dealing damage. Any enemies with whom Clockwerk encounters along the way, take damage and stunning. Few can escape from Clockwerk, if he put his eyes on them, and his machinations give him a reputation as a strong ally, which is welcome in any team.

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