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Dragon KnightDragon Knight - a hero with the melee type of attack, the main characteristic of which is the strength of the force.

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Breathe Fire icon.png The first ability, Breathe Fire, Dragon Knight spewing fiery breath on enemy units in a line in front of Dragon Knight, setting fire to them and reducing the damage from their attacks.

Dragon Tail icon.png The second ability, Dragon Tail, striking a shield against all enemies within melee, stunning him and causing minor damage. When the knight is in the shape of a dragon, it can use a spell at a greater distance.

Dragon Blood icon.png Passive, Dragon Blood, increases the rate of the hero armor and speed recovery of health.

Elder Dragon Form icon.png Ultimate capacity, Elder Dragon Form, turns into one of the three mighty ancient dragons, increasing your damage, speed and range of application Dragon Tail, and gets new abilities.

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