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Earth SpiritEarth Spirit - is a hero with melee type of attack, the main characteristic of which is the strength of the force. Second name: Kaolin.

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Boulder Smash icon.png His first ability, Boulder Smash, an effort on the enemy, ally or rock up and pushes it to the other side, which looks. The purpose of the spell deals damage to all units, which falls.

Rolling Boulder icon.png The second ability, Rolling Boulder, turns the hero into a boulder that rolls in the selected direction and damages enemies. He stops, if you fall into enemy hero or be stunned.

Geomagnetic Grip icon.png The third ability, Geomagnetic Grip, attracts friendly unit or stone up to him. Enemies, in which the purpose of the spell hit will obezmolvleny, and will also receive damage if the target - a copy of the stone.

Magnetize icon.png Ultimate capacity, Magnetize, magnetizes units in a small area around it, which is why the next few seconds, they take damage.

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