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KunkkaKunkka - a hero with melee type of attack, the main characteristic of which is the strength of the force. Second name: Admiral

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Torrent icon.png His first ability, Torrent, creates a powerful stream of water, which throws the enemy in the sky, stun them, and then deals damage and slowing their movement speed.

Tidebringer icon.png Passive, Tidebringer, increases the damage the hero on one hit and chop enemies in a large area in front of him.

X Marks the Spot icon.png The second ability, X Marks the Spot, marks the place of friendly or enemy hero arrangement cross and after a few seconds or by pressing Return returns it to this very place.

Ghostship icon.png Ultimate capacity, Ghostship, causing a ghost ship that breaks through the battle, and then broken down, and stuns enemy units dealing damage. All allies, stung ship, are under a rain of rum to give extra speed of movement and resistance to 50% of the damage.

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