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Wiverr Weaver - a hero with Attack range, whose main characteristic is Dexterity dexterity. The first ability, The Swarm The Swarm, Weaver releases a swarm of beetles, which cling to any enemy in its path, attacking and reducing its armor as long as not to be killed. The second ability, Shukuchi Shukuchi, makes the hero invisible, allowing him to pass through units at maximum speed. Enemies, through which it passes, the damage inflicted. Passive, Geminate Attack Geminate Attack, allowing Weaver to attack the target twice.

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Ultimate capacity, Time Lapse Time Lapse, returns to the position where it was five minutes ago, restoring the level of health and mana to the former level. It operates on cooldown, gold and experience. Improving with Aghanim's Scepter Aghanim's Scepter reduces the recharge time and allows you to use Time Lapse allies.

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